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October 07, 2008


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Geography Classes

Commonwealth Office has a really good set of blogs and really gets the use of tools ... http://green.periltd.com/going-green-school-reaching-kids-science-geography-classes-2/


Thanks! Great tip!


This is a fantastic and a pretty exhaustive list. Beyond all the mentioned genres, there is another nature related (and quite influential) blog - that deals with solar powered gasgets, organic products, eco tourism and, well, everything natural. They call it the natural lifestyle and you should check them out:


WooHoo and congrats to you! What is really cool too is that I know several of the blogs listed on the top 100 and many of them are fellow friends from BlogCatalog.


Thanks Cindy! Congratulations to you as well!

Michael Economy

you're #1 of all the environmental blogs in my reader!


Congrats! That's fantastic!!!


Great article, and a great list! We're pleased to be included.

NYC living

This is great! Its a challenge to find the right resources, even living in a big city like New York that tries to be environmentally conscious. Thanks for putting this together.


so why no eco vegetarian blogs. It's in the top three things you can do along with cutting out palm oil( www.theproblemwithpalmoil.com), and helping restrict coal fire

Solar Energy

A great collection of blogs related to environmental issues. Many thanks for including my blog; SolReka. Much appreciated.

Now time to check out all the other blogs you have listed.

Kind regards


Without a doubt this great list will soon be outdated.

SolReka | Dec 21 2012

A great list of sites you have provided. Many thanks for the add

John at Cell Phone Recycling

It's nice to know that a lot of people devotes their time on environmental blog issues. This is really a great effort in spreading the news on how to help our environment. Keep it up and hope you update the list always.

Thank You.


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