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April 25, 2008


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I love this idea!


What a great idea! These would look fabulous in my kitchen window with some fresh herbs too!

Nichol Brinkman

I just found your blog, I love, love, love it!


What a cute idea, I want to do this! I just found your blog too, thru Etsy - nice work :)


genius, pure genius...now, have i got the patience to wait for some bulbs to blow? ;)


Thanks for all the great feedback!

Curly Girl Glass

I LOVE this! Great blog!


Great idea about the mini-vases! I'd be wary of the salt and pepper dispensing though: they're too easily breakable. Excellent post (and blog)...


This is such a sweet idea! Fun and original would brighten up anyones home...good job!


I clean out lightbulbs all the time (my method is slightly different - a bit more difficult... heck where have you been all my life! Ok focus! LOL) Anywho - I never do anything w/them... They just lay Thanks for the s&p idea... too cool!

Did I mention that I was adding you to my blog posse! You rock! Thanx yet again!

Julie Bergmann

How GREAT are those!!!!! I LOVE your blog!

Julie Bergmann


This has a very urban feel to it, i can picture these hanging off the fire escape in my old apartment. Great idea.


Why to cut a flower in order to recycle a light bulb?


What a great idea - you are so clever!


My husband tells me that my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law used to do these, but I haven't seen any until now. So pretty and clever! Thanks. :)


Thank you! It works also upside down filled in with water: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=122027&id=527644017&l=0cb4701194

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